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Take Me out to the Ball Game: Interview with Dr. Rick Bishop


Doctor Hoy's® is a proud sponsor of the Professional Baseball Chiropractic Society!

The Professional Baseball Chiropractic Society (PBCS) is an organization of skilled chiropractors providing the highest quality of chiropractic health services to Major League Baseball players and staff members. The PBCS also provides continuing education for the professional sport chiropractors, relating to the profession and knowledge of sports medicine.

Dr. Rick Bishop, PBCS Director and Visiting Team Chiropractor for PNC Park in Pittsburgh, shares some insights about the PBCS.


I got hurt playing baseball in college. It was my dream to play professional baseball, until it got shot down in an instant. I have been in the chiropractic field my entire life. If I had known that an organization like the PBCS existed when I first started my chiropractic career, I would have jumped at it. I would have gone anywhere to be a part of it. I want to give that back. I want others to experience the opportunity that I never had. The PBCS provides an opportunity to give back and educate.


In 2012 Dr. Alan Palmer, Arizona Diamondbacks Chiropractor, and myself were appointed to head the PBCS. Our first task was to publish a directory of chiropractors and distribute it to each Head Athletic Trainer in Major League Baseball.

Baseball is a unique sport at the Major League level because half the season is spent on the road. We wanted to assist the training staff of teams in need of chiropractic services while traveling. We reached out to Major League Baseball teams to see if they were using a chiropractor and compiled a directory. This way traveling teams could seek the services of a qualified chiropractor utilized by a particular team within a particular city.


There are a few key components that chiropractors bring to the table: risk management, performance enhancement, and communication.

First, we really minimize the risk of injury. The chiropractor brings the body into harmony by aligning the spine and extremity joints. When everything is lined up and performing with proper function, it reduces the risk of injury.

Next, if a high profile athlete has everything working together in harmony and the kinetic chain is working like it should, performance is going to increase. Baseball is a big topic with performance enhancement drugs. Chiropractic takes out the drugs. It is simply a performance enhancer. I speak for myself personally, but the players in my care feel better getting off the table than when they got on. It is not only because I correct the problem, but also because I help the body function optimally.

The final component we offer the sports medicine team is communication. Communication is the most important thing. Before our hands even touch a player, we communicate with the trainer and orthopedic doctors. We need to stay within our own lane. When chiropractors are in the training room the trainer tells us what to do. The trainer sets the rules and we stay within those rules. If we see something that comes up with a player, instantly we go to that trainer and say, “Hey look, this is what I am finding with this particular player. You need to be aware of this. Do you want me to do anything else?” We are welcomed into their house and need to be respectful of that. If chiropractors want to work with a team, first and foremost, listen to the team trainer. When players get traded, there is usually a team chiropractor. We communicate as chiropractors when a player is traded from one team to the next, “Hey how do you think I should treat this? He is on our team now. What did you do for him?” In this way, we try to keep the care consistent.

The PBCS has grown because of the value and the necessity of what we do as chiropractors within professional baseball. The trainers are phenomenal. They see the value of what we do at the Major League level. The players respond to it. The players expect it. We collaborate together with the training staff for the benefit of the player.

Doctor Hoy's Blog PBCS 2018


I’ll say two words: Game changer.

We had been using another product, but had some Doctor Hoy's samples in our office. Patient response truly dictates our decisions. I had one particular patient try Doctor Hoy's. She took it home and called later that day, “We need to start carrying this.”

I said, “The jury is still out. It is only day one. We want to find the best one.”

She said, “Well I have already made my decision. I am not going back to the other stuff that you had. I need to find where this is and get it.”

I thought that was an impressive testimonial right out of the gates! That became common. The very first week handing out Doctor Hoy's, the response we were getting from our patients was just overwhelming. Within basically two weeks, we just completely discontinued carrying the old product. We were full time with Doctor Hoy's.

The patients love it. They love the fact that it is water based. They love that it helps right away. They like to add Arnica Boost for inflammation reduction and bruising.

We use it on my daughter. She is six years old and she is a walking bruise. We put Arnica on her right away with anything dermatological or bruising. We have shared our experience with our patients, not just with inflammation, but with bruising as well. I have taken it on mission trips to Haiti. Doctor Hoy's has actually been to Haiti. It is good enough to take beyond our practice working with athletes, but also to third world countries where people have nothing.

I’ll be honest with you, the customer service and serving heart is what sustains our relationship. We really encourage our chiropractors and members to take advantage of Doctor Hoy's. Speaking from experience, I can honestly say that you are the best out there. I have been around the block and there is no doubt that you are the best we have ever carried.

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