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The Science of Time-Release Menthol

Doctor Hoy's Blog Pain Relief Gel 8oz

Don’t ever stop making this wonderful miracle gel!

 Doctor Hoy's® Natural Pain Relief Gel provides a powerful cold and warm sensation for deep comforting pain relief. Customers report it effectively treating sprains, backaches, sore joints, muscle damage, arthritis, and more. This fast-acting, long-lasting topical analgesic feels miraculous. But it is not a miracle. It is actually science.


One of the main active ingredients in Doctor Hoy's Natural Pain Relief Gel is menthol, which induces a pleasant tingling and cooling sensation when applied topically and has an anti-inflammatory component. Consequently, it is an effective ingredient in various health and beauty applications. However, common menthol products prove difficult to manufacture because the overall potency does not last long. Menthol crystals normally evaporate quickly when exposed to air or skin. Often, menthol is combined with petroleum jelly to help it float on the skin longer, but this option is limited and greasy. Additionally, synthetic menthol usually has a strong and undesirable medicinal odor when mixed with other scents.

How is it possible to utilize the benefits of menthol if it is so challenging to formulate?


“It acts quickly and the effects last for several hours!”

MultiSal diagram, time release menthol

Doctor Hoy's Natural Pain Relief Gel is powered by a unique time-release technology that protects the menthol from evaporation and reduces odor. The menthol is delivered in a double encapsulation system to allow the comforting relief to last for several hours. First the menthol is enclosed in sub-micron spheres, approximately 0.1 microns in diameter. Then these tiny spheres are encased with an outer microsphere shell that is about 30 microns in diameter. This encapsulated menthol is protected in its potent form and dissolves slowly over time to provide a long-lasting cooling sensation.


“It penetrates deeply and my patients love the long-lasting effects.”

Doctor Hoy's Natural Pain Relief Gel penetrates the surface of the skin for deep pain relief. Encapsulation prevents the menthol from reacting with other ingredients in the gel, such as witch hazel and arnica. Thus, all the components remain protected in a natural and effective state. Witch hazel, which is a natural anti-inflammatory, draws the invisible menthol encapsulations into the tissue. The arnica also reaches deep into the tissue for increased healing.

The encapsulations maintain the menthol in a natural state and do not contain synthetic stabilizers. This natural menthol spreads easily across the affected area with a pleasing scent that eventually vanishes. Doctor Hoy's Natural Pain Relief Gel also contains tiny visible capsules of Vitamin E to encourage healing and protect the skin from drying.


“We use it for everything from sore, swollen ankles to aching feet and knees. We put it directly on our hips, hands, backs, elbows, neck muscles, and across the forehead when we have a terrible headache.”

The enzymes found in areas of inflammation release the encapsulated menthol. Simply rubbing the product onto the skin of the affected area activates its pain relieving power. Doctor Hoy's Natural Pain Relief Gel technology allows individuals to find direct comfort as the gel is applied exactly to the injured area. This both maximizes results and conserves the product.

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