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Why Doctor Hoy's Pain Relief Gel is the Best Option for Your Kids

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Safe and Effective Pain Relief for Children

All parents want what’s best for their kids, that includes using safe, non-invasive forms of pain relief! Unlike some other kinds of pain relief products, natural ingredients are free of harmful chemicals and toxins. And because they're gentle and effective, natural gels can help to soothe pain quickly and effectively - without any of the fuss. Doctor Hoy’s® Pain Relief Gel offers a safe and effective pain relief formula for children 2 years or older!


Why Doctor Hoy’s Pain Relief Gel?

We all know how painful getting a scrape or bruise can be, and accidents are bound to happen for kids who are running and playing. Doctor Hoy’s provides the best pain relief for kids when the inevitable bumps, cuts, and bruises happen. Here’s why Doctor Hoy’s Pain Relief Gel and Doctor Hoy’s Roll-On Pain Relief Gel is the best choice for you and your kids:

Safe & Effective

  • Doctor Hoy’s Pain Relief Gel combines 2 powerful natural ingredients, encapsulated menthol and camphor. The time release menthol, camphor, and arnica (a natural anti-inflammatory) provide fast-acting and deep pain relief from muscle strains and soreness, backaches, and inflammation. This is great for all-day sports, practice, general soreness, and those family hiking trips! They're gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin with no toxins or parabens. Since this product does not contain any NSAIDs, it is safe for repeated use so there are no long waiting periods required between applications.
    No-Mess Application 
    • Doctor Hoy’s Roll-On Pain Relief Gel offers an easy, no-mess application! The formula is water-based which means it leaves no icky residue on the skin, it dries quickly, and won’t stain clothes (like oil-based formulas). Just apply a thin layer on the affected area and wait a minute or so for it to dry. If you need longer relief, you can apply a 2nd layer after the first dries for a longer lasting effect. The 4 oz. tube with a convenient flip-top provides easy hands-on application that is great for on-the-go pain relief and application to larger areas.


      Doctor Hoy’s Pain Relief Products

      Doctor Hoy's Pain Relief Gel is made with natural ingredients that are safe for kids to use and it's effective too! It works by blocking the signals to the brain to reduce pain. It is easy to apply the gel, and it quickly absorbs into the skin to provide fast relief from pain. So, if you're looking for a safe and effective pain relief option for your kids (and yourself), look no further than Doctor Hoy's Pain Relief Gel!

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