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The Best Gifts for People with Arthritis

Pine nettles and paper wrapped Christmas gifts with natural topicals

10 Gift Ideas for Arthritis Sufferers

Living with arthritis makes everyday tasks frustrating and challenging. During the holidays, the changes in weather, frequent traveling, and increase in social gatherings can make it a pain just to get through the season. Getting yourself or your loved one a gift that supports specific needs and relieves pain could be the key to a more enjoyable holiday and in other areas of life.

The best arthritis gifts help improve quality of life, making daily tasks easier and relieving pain. Below are our top recommendations for what to buy for someone with arthritis, including Doctor Hoy’s® pain relief topicals.

What is a good gift for arthritis sufferers?

people exchanging red Christmas gift

When shopping for gifts for arthritis sufferers, choose items that help make their lives easier and less painful. Not all types of arthritis are the same, so it’s good to base your purchase off what symptoms they have.

For example, someone with arthritis and foot pain could benefit from a pair of orthotic insoles like the #1 podiatrist recommended PowerStep® insoles. Meanwhile, arnica cream is a great gift for someone with psoriatic arthritis who needs soothing relief for inflamed skin or swollen joints.

Since arthritis can limit mobility, the best gifts for people with joint pain are simple to use, ergonomic, and functional. Thoughtful gifts for people with chronic pain also provide ways to relieve stress which can worsen arthritis symptoms.

From smart home devices that simplify daily tasks to natural pain relievers that reduce inflammation, stiffness, and swelling, here are our top 10 gifts for someone with arthritis:

Pain Relief Gel

woman applying pain relief gel for arthritis to shoulder

Pain relief gifts are among the best gifts for arthritis sufferers. Finding a topical pain reliever that works, however, can be a hassle. Fortunately, Doctor Hoy’s Pain Relief Gel is FDA-approved to relieve arthritis symptoms. Better yet, 92% of users say Doctor Hoy's the most effective topical pain relief gel they tried.

Our pain relief gel uses natural ingredients for fast acting, long lasting relief from arthritis, inflammation, sore joints, and more. Choose either the squeezable tube or our roll-on pain relief gel for an easy, no touch application. The roll-on applicator works on hard-to-reach areas like the neck, back and shoulder, and may help other types of chronic pain like migraines and neuropathy.

A good gift for juvenile arthritis in kids, all Doctor Hoy’s products are safe for children over the age of two. If you love to travel but hate traveling with arthritis, Doctor Hoy’s 3oz pain relief gel is TSA compliant and safe for airline travel.

Anti-Inflammatory Cream

person applying arnica cream to wrist

An effective pain relieving moisturizer feels like a luxury for someone with arthritis. Non-greasy and natural, Arnica Boost Recovery Cream uses powerful arnica to soothe skin irritation and inflammation. Dry, cracked winter skin is uncomfortable for anyone and can worsen joint pain, making arnica cream the ideal gift of the season.

Arnica Boost Recovery Cream helps provide lasting relief for joint pain, muscle soreness, and irritated skin or nerves. It promotes faster healing of bruises or scrapes which can be helpful for those who bruise easily.

Orthotics for Foot Arthritis

blue orthotic insoles among Christmas gifts

Orthotic insoles can help relieve foot pain for people with rheumatoid arthritis, gout, and plantar fasciitis.

PowerStep® orthotic insoles are an affordable alternative to custom orthotics that can provide just as effective relief from foot pain. They provide anatomic arch support, shock absorbing cushioning, and help improve stability.

Smart Home Devices

smart home speaker and phone on living room coffee table

Smart home devices make the lives of people living with arthritis and chronic pain significantly easier. Speakers can play music, tell the news, check the forecast, and shop for necessities online. You can pair them with smart bulbs or plugs to control lights and appliances.

Other smart devices connect to your phone via an app so users can adjust their thermostat without getting up, have help vacuuming their floors, and even lock and unlock their doors without fiddling with their house keys.

Cookbook for Arthritis

person reading open cookbook

An anti-inflammatory diet packed with immunity boosting whole foods and nutrients that help fight inflammation can minimize flare ups and improve fatigue. The Arthritis Foundation recommends trying this type of diet for rheumatoid arthritis.

Give them an arthritis cookbook with recipes for meal ideas and snacks that help mitigate pain and reduce inflammation. This offers a natural way to manage chronic pain. If your loved one has an e-reader, get them an e-book version so they won’t have to turn pages.

Essential Oil Diffuser

essential oil diffuser

Essential oil diffusers use aromatherapy to ease stress and freshen the air, giving off a fine mist with scents like peppermint, lavender, and chamomile. For a more soothing experience, look for diffusers that glow different colors.

Keep in mind that certain smells can have a negative effect on people with migraines. If this is the case with your loved one, consider an air purifier instead.

Ergonomic Gardening Tools

gardening tools and accessories on garden bench

Gardening provides light exercise and relieves stress as you spend time in nature. Ergonomic gardening tools make amazing gifts for people with arthritis who love to garden.

Handles shaped for easy holding and soft grips allow arthritis sufferers to safely do yard work, performing tasks like pruning, digging, and weeding with ease.

Sleep Gift Set

sleep mask, tea, candle and lavender

About 80 percent of people with arthritis also struggle with sleep. A lack of sleep can have drastic effects on their day-to-day lives, worsening problems like fatigue and joint discomfort.

Get them the gift of a good night's rest with a sleep gift set. You can buy one that's premade of DIY a gift set with a silk pillowcase, eye mask, bag of dried lavender, calming tea, and a journal for self-care all to help improve sleep quality.

Massage Ball

person holding red massage ball

Textured or spiked massage balls offer at-home acupressure therapy. They can help relieve arthritis pain in the feet, hands, and knees.

An ideal stocking stuffer, this small pain relief gift is portable and helps relieve muscle tension, improve blood flow, and reduce swelling.

Trackball Mouse

trackball mouse with blue roller ball

A great gift for people who work from home and have shoulder pain, a wireless trackball mouse has an ergonomic design that requires little movement.

Users just role the ball with their thumb to move the cursor across the screen. Most options have buttons you can program for more versatile use. Since changing batteries frequently can be a problem for someone with poor dexterity, choose a mouse with long-lasting or rechargeable batteries.

Give the Gift of Natural, Effective Pain Relief with Doctor Hoy’s

People with chronic pain like rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis regularly search for ways to relieve their discomfort and make their lives easier. Give them the gift of clean, safe, and effective pain relief with Doctor Hoy’s pain relief topicals, and have a happy, pain-free holiday season.

Doctor Hoy’s pain relief topicals for arthritis


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